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heavily armed officers hunted for the shooter. >> were you a little bit worried about her? >> nope. the school took good care of it. >> a little scary? >> the teachers made it not scary. >> a judge granted the woman this protective order against her exboyfriend just a few days ago. shall not abuse, shall not contact. shall not enter residence. he was due in court tomorrow on a hearing to extend it. in north bethesda, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> those court records show prince worked at georgetown university hospital. police will say that she is safe. the white house says a florida church's threat to burn copies of the muslim holy book could endanger u.s. troops serving overseas. christian, carrie jones says he's prepared to burn copies of the choran this weekend to mark the anniversary of the
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september 11 attacks. leaving open the possibility he'll change his mind. >> want to send a clear message to the peaceful muslims. we have freedom of speech. we have freedom of religion. they are more than welcome to be here. more than welcome to worship. more than welcome to build mosques, but our 9/11 demonstration, our 9/11 protest is to send a clear message to the radical element of islam that we will not tolerate that in america. >> un-american and the u.s. commander in afghanistan says the image of a burning choran would insight more violence. delia joins us with more from our local military community. >> they will let general patraeus speak for them on this issue. however, lotteds of folks here in town agree and share the same fear that this protest
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could spark more violence. in the town of quantico, where american flags fly just steps from the marine base, love of country and love of troops reign supreme. some see a change in the country's landscape. >> like they said, the marine corps that won the american at the mall. >> once a marine, always a marine. george fought in the koreaen and vietnam wars. he says the florida pastor who wants to burn the choran is against the troops because his actions could spark more violence and bloodshed overseas. >> it is going to cause more problems than you are going to solve. >> other members of the marine corps league agree as well. >> i'm sure there will, because anything to insight somebody, especially in wartime, you know, you're just giving fuel to the fire. >> it's insensitive to other people's religions. on the other hand, you know, only in america you have first amendment rights. >> and pastor terri jones of the small florida church of
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just about 50 followers says he is within his right. >> we have freedom of religion. freedom of speech. they are more than welcome to be here. more than welcome to worship. more than welcome to build mosque. what we are aiming is -- >> that's what he is protesting against and i don't think that this is going to help any of the families or any of the soldiers that are over there trying to keep us safe. >> many of the young servicemen we spoke to around town agree, but couldn't go on camera. as for the vets, they hope the small town pastor has had enough of his big time spotlight and change his mind before someone pays dearly. now the pastor says despite the general's warnings about this issue, he will plan to proceed with that protest on saturday, but anita, as you said, he's open to the possibility of not doing it at all. he is now praying about it. >> okay, we talked about
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potential for violent protest in afghanistan after this. what about backlash here in the united states? >> he says he received a number of death threats here from the country, so he says he is already packing a gun. carrying a gun with him because of these death threats. he is moving forward with his plan. >> thank you for that report. meantime, president obama will mark the 9th anniversary of the september 11 attacks at the pentagon. joe biden will travel to ground zero in new york and first lady, michelle obama will join former first lady, laura bush for ceremonies at the crash site of united flight 93. two brazen armed robberies targeting students near the university of maryland. >> gunman attacked twice in the space of ten minutes. it is the rash of offcampus crime that has the university on edge. we understand you talked to one of the victims of those
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attacks. do we have scott there? we are going to go to him. >> a terrified post graduate faculty assistant and his wife don't want to be identified. >> this is almost -- so many robberies have happened. they should do something. >> they were held up at gunpoint while walking down the street at 10:30 last night by two men they never got a good look at. what happened here is the second of two armed robberies in the space of ten minutes. another group is robbed at gunpoint along the hiker biker path about a block away. both incidents about four blocks from the university campus. >> people committing these offenses are becoming more brazen. >> university police and neighbors call pointing a gun at victims heads a significant escalation. in the series of four offcampus robberies, the college park since students returned august 26. >> this is the beginning of a semester. a lot of people are new here. >> this brings a different
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level, where we are having guns and that is something that is quite shocking. >> while prince georges county police investigate the robberies, campus police have assisted in the launch of a new crime prevention campaign, featuring safety tips targeted at new students who are not familiar with college park. >> an important dips tings here, all of these robberies and incidents have occurred off campus, close to campus, but off campus. university police note that they have 300 security cameras on campus that kept the campus relatively incident free. prince georges county police are investigating these incidents as the university of maryland police try to raise the level of vigilance. reporting live, scott broome, 9news now. >> scott, thank you. the board of supervisors is expected to issue a ruling tomorrow on whether or not to ban religious holiday displays.
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public will have its say tonight at a hearing at 1 harrison street in leesburg. last year, they denied a permit to put a christmas tree up on the courthouse grounds. and we have an update on a scandal at a fire house. investigators now say no criminal charges to be filed against the members of the volunteer fire department. allegations of misconduct led to the misconduct of five of those firefighters. three others were put on administrative leave. no word on exactly what happened to prompt the investigation in all those resignations. a plan to open an adult theme store in old town manassas is causing an uproar. plans are in place to have it open on ball street. local officials are opposed and a town hall meeting is set to talk about all this at 7:00 tonight at the manassas city hall's council chambers. back to work today nearly one week after that gunman took three people hostage at the
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silver spring headquarters. nobody hurt that day, but the gunman was shot and killed and most employees weren't talking about it much. they nod their heads today and asked if they were happy to be back at work? >> we are super excited to come back and make great television. >> we love it. >> do you miss working? i guess we did miss working, yeah. >> a spokeswoman says discovery has beefed up security at that headquarters, but she wouldn't go into details about it. what is left of tropical storm hermine is getting weaker. meteorologist, topper shutt in the weather center with the latest. >> she is barely a tropical storm, sustained winds are now 40 miles per hour. let me show you where it's going to go. we are looking at a tropical storm for another few hours. this has taken as it moved ashore yesterday. and actually, it blew up from a
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tropical storm to near hurricane force in less than a day. residents along the texas coast had not much time before the heavy rain and winds took effect. it made land fall yesterday, so that means south texas is under the gun for the heaviest rain and that is indeed the problem there tonight as it begins to push away and head northward into central texas. no reports of serious injuries or evacuations. none of that was ordered. let's go to the maps now and show you where hermine is going. she wasn't all that mean, quite frankly. winds are barely tropical storm strength located 65 miles to the west, southwest now of offton. it's going to move to the north and bring a will the of rain through central texas, oklahoma, and kansas. in fact, we could see some flooding in the next, i don't know, next two days between now and thursday. some flooding all the way up into kansas. here's a look at the satellite picture. you can see hermine down to the
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south now. you did see hermine. and she is going to move northward into oklahoma. we'll come back and may seem strange. we'll let you know if any of hermine's moisture get in here and we'll talk about a cold front rolling through tonight. summer vacation is officially over in northern virginia. students in a dozen school districts, including the city of alexandria, arlington, fairfax, loudoun, and prince william counties went back to school this morning. in vienna, parents and the kids had mixed feelings. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm just waking up. >> i'm nervous, but excited. >> i'm really excited to see all my friends. >> i'm happy to have the man of the house back. >> fairfax county is the largest school system in the area with more than 170,000 students. it has seen a spike in enrollment in the past few years while at the same time, dealing with budget cuts. >> over the last few years, we had to make cuts across the
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board in the classrooms, increasing class size, decreasing services in the schools. secretarial principals, the list goes on over the last two years. for this school year, we have not made any additional cuts. >> but parents will have to pay $75 if they want their child to take an advanced placement and athletes are going to be paying $100 per sport they play in school. and also changes to the fairfax county lunch menu and we'll have more coming up at 5:32. good news and bad news tonight for riders on the metro red line. good news, five stations that were closed over the holiday weekend are back up and running after two old tracks were replaced. however, those trains are running at reduced speeds for the rest of the week. metro says they need extra time to help the new track adjust. >> so many people went back to work today after the long holiday. pee patranya is checking things
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out. >> back to school and back to work. the traffic tells the story, especially on 66 right now from beyond 495 all the way to 123. we are clocking in at more than 15 to 20 minutes in extra time to get home tonight. you want to factor that accordingly. on to 495, especially slow on the west side of town here approaching river road. we have a brand-new accident that we are checking out for you. i heard three lanes are shut down. inner loop in virginia. watch out for that. and in dc, we have a gas main break to tell you about. some lanes may be shut down. derek, back to you. >> thank you, patranya. still ahead, dc mayor adrian fenty talking about the racial gap in the poles. bruce johnson's interview with the mayor and mrs. fenty coming up at 5:30. we have a weak cold front pushing through late tonight. we'll let you know if you need your umbrella if you are going to the lady gaga concert.
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that and the latest look at the forecast coming up. crews are trying to get the upper hand on a wild fire in colorado. i'm in boulder. i'll have the very latest.
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firefighters in colorado catching a bit of a break in the weather. the blaze got going yesterday and it already burned dozens of homes in just 24 hours. gibson joins us live in boulder where it has become a race against time and against those flames. > indeed, derek. despite those weather conditions you were talking about, this has been one stubborn fire, doubling in size from 3,000 to more than 7,000 acres. now colorado officials say more evacuations may be possible. >> calmer winds are giving firefighters a break as they battle a raging wild fire that
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has burned dozens of homes in the boulder foothills. >> what the prediction is 3 to 6 miles per hour. that's favorable for the firefighters today. that's going to allow us to get air tankers up in the air. >> officials are rushing to get more planes into the air to dump tens of thousands of gallons of fire retardant on the flames. the fire broke out monday and high winds carried it in different directions through dried out canyons. the flames chased about 3,000 residents from their homes and consumed at least 3500 acres. >> we will nine volunteer firefighters lose their homes last night, or yesterday. >> many evacuees gathered here at the command center, anxious to find out if their homes are still standing. >> i have a stone house with a good defense space around it. i'm praying it is still there. it was really close. >> waiting is difficult, especially with little information. >> you know, part of you wants to drive up and go see your
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house. it's like, it's interesting. you want to go home and you can't go home. >> in fact tores are trying to figure out what sparked the fire. so far, there are no injuries or deaths. >> reporter: i do have an update. colorado officials held a press conference late this afternoon and this may have started when a car crashed into a propane tank and exploded. the governor of colorado has declared a state of emergency and devoting up to $5 million in state funds to fight the flames. reporting in boulder, colorado, let's go back to you. >> any time line as to when these folks may want to get back to their homes? >> well, at this point, they are still in a defensive mode. the firefighters are trying tofect a lot of the properties. they are not in the phase where they are fighting the fire and trying to get control of the flames right now. so it's not clear when many of those folks are going to get into their homes. as i mentioned before, they
5:17 pm
plan some possible more evacuations. so it could be another 24 hours. >> thank you for that. appreciate it. meantime, an investigation is underway after a tense confrontation between police and protesters turn violent in los angeles. it happened last night near mcarthur park. people are protesting a deadly police shooting. officers moved in as people started throwing bottles and setting trash cans on fire. several arrests were made. investigators in chicago are trying to find the cause of an overnight fire in a commercial building up for sale. people reported smelling the smoke about 3/4 of a mile away. you can see how high those flames got. gusty winds made it all worth, hard to get it under control. luckily no one was inside the building at the time and no one got hurt. >> just two months to go before election day and president obama is unveiling a new plan to help businesses and he hopes cutback on unemployment. during a speech tomorrow in cleveland, the president will propose $200 billion in tax breaks for businesses over the
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next couple of years. these breaks would allow companies to deduct the full cost of any new investments in plants or equipment. the republicans are blasting the plan as a political ploy, but the white house insists politics are not behind this. >> the president isn't here to solve the nation's problems on a political counter. he is here to solve the nation's problems as they exist. >> with the midterm elections looming ahead and democratic control of congress on the line, polls show the economy is the number one issue on the minds of the voters. hard for a lot of people to go back to work today when it was nice outside. >> it was glorious. it was spectacular. i don't think we over sold it. it's been like this for days. maybe all year. only downside we need from rain. the fire danger is high across a lot of our area. here's your forecast first. now a cold front is going to go through tonight. upper 80s, but then the cool
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air rolls in. nice on thursday and friday, we are back in the upper 70s to near 80 on thursday and upper 70s on saturday. could be a few clouds early tomorrow morning. when you first get up, should be dry, but early in the morning, maybe a few clouds. it breaks up quickly. 72 to start. 82 by lunchtime and breezy and then breezy 87 by evening. so sunglasses required and really, i'm saying breezy is going to be one of those cases where it's almost going to be windy. it's going to be close to windy. look at the temperatures. the dry air mass heats up quickly. 93 right now downtown. 91 in manassas. now for tonight, we'll say partly cloudy and mild. could see a late shower or thunderstorm. winds picking up southwest, 10 to 15. lady gaga is at the verison center. unless you stay out really, really late, you won't need an
5:20 pm
umbrella. lows tonight, kind of on the cusp of leaving the air on. 70 in arlington. 70 downtown. i think in the suburbs, it's okay to shut it off. upper 60s in reston and sterling and 66 out toward leesburg. tomorrow morning, becoming partly cloudy. again, a few clouds possible. breezy and warm. 60s and 70s. winds southwest 10 to 15. air quality code green. now by afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy, and very warm, but not humid. highs upper 80s to 90 and winds northwesterly at 10 to 20. again, it's going to be close to windy. all right, here's the remnants of hermine. she is producing a lot of rain through houston, back towards dallas and austin and all of this is going to go northward into the central plain states. for now, it's going to stay to our west. we have a cold front pushing through tonight. a slight chance of a shower just before dawn. next seven days, 87 tomorrow, breezy, returning mostly sunny. spectacular again thursday and
5:21 pm
friday. upper 70s. saturday we are okay. clouds come in late. sunday, showers and thunderstorms on and off all day. they could bleed into the game. yes, they could. it's a night game. temperatures around 80 and mid 80s on monday and back in the upper 70s on tuesday. >> that's pretty. >> gray picture. here's the deal. you have to fatten them up because they will start their migration southward. they need to be fat before they go. only half of them make it. they go 3,000 miles. they only weigh a couple pennys. their heartbeat rests at 60 beats a minute. they are really cool. you have to clean those feeders. >> what happens to the ones that don't make it? >> they parish. >> that's a nice way to put it, derek. >> that's a good visual, isn't it? okay, they don't make it. up next, home video shows the
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extent of the fire. ♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean?
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investigators still trying to figure out the cause of this fire that killed more than two dozen racehorses in west virginia this weekend. youtube video shows just how bad it got. the horses were trapped in two barns that caught fire yesterday near the hollywood casino in charles town. witnesses say people tried to rush in and save as many animals as they could. they did get some of the horses out. damage to the barns put at $1.2 million. additional horses were rescued from two other privately owned barns behind the racetrack. the owners of an apple orchard are selling more than fruit these days. it is the first to sell hard cider. it has a 5 to 7 percent alcohol content. an eyesore of a delap
5:26 pm
taited structure has been transformed into a new river front park. adrian fenty and eleanor were out celebrating today with the grand opening of the new yards park today. it's all located along the river front at 3rd street and southeast. now in addition to green space, some new retail, residential and office development is also going on and going up in that area. a new supermarket chain claiming to offer high quality items at low prices. we are talking about aldi. the ground breaking ceremony today. aldi uses a shopping card deposit system. you put in a quarter, you get a cart. burger king beefing up its early morning choices. the fast food chain is introducing nine new breakfast items, including pancake
5:27 pm
platters and iced coffee. bk is launching a major breakfast marketing bliss, hoping to eat up some of mcdonald's morning business. coming up new at 5:30. school children may be in for a shock at the cafeteria. no more chocolate milk or chicken nuggets. coming up, i'll tell you why one school system is tossing them out. >> first, adrian fenty is in for the fight of his life. sits down with the wife and his wife about why he's in danger of losing his job after only one term. ♪
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[ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors. explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. the yoplait you can't get enough of. now in a four pack. right now, new at 5:30. fighting for his political life. adrian fenty talks about what he has to do to hold on to his office in next week's primary. >> the chocolate milk controversy. why some students are no longer being offered the chocolate stuff in the fairfax county school system. >> and the flight attendant who lost his cool and jumped down an emergency chute goes back to court. now to a campaign 2010 interview with dc mayor adrian fenty and his wife that you'll only see on 9news now. with mayor fenty trailing in
5:31 pm
the polls, vincent gray would be -- so then, how did fenty get to this point? well, we got some answers from the mayor himself and his wife, michelle. they sat down with our own bruce johnson for an exclusive interview at his home in northwest. >> if you do not find it in your heart to forgive me and give me a second chance, i will have no one to blame but myself. >> it was as close as mayor fenty come to admitting he might lose the election. >> what were you asking him to forgive you? >> for not making an adjustment fast enough. we have to be more inclusive. we have to engage more. we have to make people feel more a part of the process. >> his wife, michelle fenty, appealing the voters after being absent from the public campaign almost from the start. >> i'm hearing people describe
5:32 pm
my husband using adjectives that are absolutely shocking. >> he was personally hurt when a poll showed him trailing vincent gray by 17 points. but his wife of 14 years, the mother of his three children said it for him. >> it was heartbreaking to think that there were so many people in this city, in his city, the city that he was born and raised in, that feel that he's disconnected from the issues. >> how is it that the city is so divided racially? the majority of white people love the job you're doing. black people, just the opposite. >> it's bigger than me, that's for sure. >> hey guys. >> obviously there has been a disconnection that is more than just results. going forward, we will need to bridge that connection. >> four years ago, adrian fenty was the unifying candidate. he won every precinct. heading into the democratic primary, the majority of
5:33 pm
african american voters have given up on fenty. >> they don't know him and he didn't give them a chance to get to know him. i think that is part of him being a young politician and not being able to read or people want to see and feel. >> she is prepared if they lose. life will go on. he will only say again and again that he kept his word to get things done. among other things, student test scores up, crime is down. bruce johnson, 9news now. >> now mayor fenty says he has a plan for getting out his vote on primary day. he is out spending his opponent by 4 to 1. bruce johnson sits down with gray and his family later in the week. and he'll have more on how candidates are using his poll
5:34 pm
must remembers to motivate voters. those are just some of the big changes kids found in fairfax county public school cafeterias today. new at 5:30. peggy fox reports the changes from complaints and cheers from parents. >> who knew plain old skim milk could be so much fun or taste so good. >> because it's sweet. >> that's exactly the kind of behavior nutritionists in fairfax county nutritionists are trying to promote. like from now on, only white milk, skim or 1% is sold in elementary schools. skim has 13-grams of sugar, chocolate milk, 24-grams. >> they don't need that additional sweetness or sugar. >> director of fairfax county schools has been responding to angry schools upset over the ousten of chocolate milk. >> my child isn't going to drink milk.
5:35 pm
>> well i do think they will or they'll have other options. they can get water. >> monica whose kids love skim milk doesn't have a problem with it. >> chocolate milk is a treat. it's almost like a milk shake, so it's for special occasions. >> mcconnell has taken more steps, by kicking corn dogs off the school lunch menu. >> they can have nuggets when they parents take them out. corn dogs, we don't need those. >> if you're worried your child won't find anything he likes to eat in the cafeteria, relax. they are serving alternatives. chicken tenders, which have more meat and hot dogs, but on a whole grain bun, which has more fiber and less fat than a corn dog. >> the idea is to mold little ones so they learn to make healthy choices and maybe teach their parents a thing or two. peggy fox, 9news now.
5:36 pm
fairfax schools are expanding their selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. >> the good old days of chocolate milk. happen to like to read and write and promote the library's programming. members would get to interview authors and public officials for the web page. the applications are due in by this coming saturday and you can find out more information by checking out a new feature on the web page. look for the blue box in the middle of our home page and click the change button and you can use that to find news in montgomery county or the other communities in our area. up next, a sheriff is praising three deputies who rescued a driver from that burning car. it is all caught on tape. >> and don't forget, we are always on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my child's education. it's cool how the union makes it almost impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dc's teachers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at thanks, teachers unions.
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caught on tape, three officers risking their lives to pull a man from a burning car. the rescue captured by the dash cam on the cruiser of gordon county, georgia, sheriff deputy. you can see one of those deputies running toward the flaming car with the driver still in there. you see how bright those flames are. two more deputies get there. they try to put the flames out with extinguishers. when that doesn't work, they knock out the window and drag the guy out. also caught on tape, a northern california teenager being air lifted to safety after being swept away by the rushing river. the 19-year-old was playing with friends near bakersfield when he got stuck on a rock. rescuers tried to get there, but they decided it was better to use the helicopter to hoist
5:40 pm
that fellow to safety. the teenager looks fine and he is. in memphis, tennessee, a $40,000 engagement ring went down the drain, literally, and it was all the cat's fault. they left their ringers in the bathroom for a second. that's all it took for their cat to sneak in, knock the rings and a 4-carat engagement ring down the toilet. >> i knew it would happen. the cat plays all the time. jumps up and knocks stuff off and he knocked it off. >> he came out front and dug up the front yard and cut a small section out of the pipe. they flushed everything inside and all the rings came out. >> that job cost about $900. as you can imagine, the couple very glad to pay. >> and now looking for a home. >> that's right. let's check out the evening rush, patranya, they call this terrible traffic tuesday. >> that's right. back to school for a lot of kids and back to work for most of us as well. so traffic definitely going to
5:41 pm
be heavy right now on 395. you can see it's slow going. no major problems. no accidents to speak of. for other major routes. let's check drive times out there. 495 west of town over the toll road. close to 30 minutes. drivers also in the red on 66. 495 to 7100 over 30 minutes there as well. and 295 to route 50, close to ten minutes there. derek, back to you. >> thanks, patranya. that jet blue flight attendant who lost its cool and jumped down the emergency chute, he is back in court. the latest on what his legal fate may be. top. >> very nice outside. it is hot, but not humid. with the wind and heat, well we have the pollen to talk about. we'll take you out with the pollen reading. this is available on our website at click on the weather tab and follow the drop down menu and you have it. grasses and weed both in the medium range. we'll come back and talk about a cold front and look ahead to the sunday night forecast.
5:42 pm
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7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. a gene that can turn bacteria into superbugs has surfaced in japan. the gene known as mdm1 alters bacteria making them resistant to all the antibiotics doctors can throw at them. they have been seen in canada, the u.s., and europe and cases are expected to grow with all the global travel we do. also tonight, the sometimes mysterious signs of multiple sclerosis or ms. this condition is tough to diagnosis because in the beginning, flairups can happen years apart. now patients may soon be offered a new pill just in case they have the disease. >> it was awful not knowing what the diagnosis really was. >> doctors couldn't tell nancy
5:46 pm
exactly why she was having such trouble walking. the notion was, she was dealing with early multiple sclerosis, but until they were sure, they called it possible ms. > there's not much we could do for you, but we'll assume it's ms and go from there. >> without a confirmed diagnosis, there are no standard treatment options. >> you don't want to use an aggressive therapy on someone who has initial symptoms, but little findings on their mri and a normal exam. >> that's why researchers at stoney brook university medical center are testing a less potent drug therapy. >> one of several agents that fall in that category. >> the study will compare a pill to a placebo, benefit from this early intervention. >> still in the phase, and each person as they come into the study gets followed for two years and we see what happens. >> a previous study is encouraging.
5:47 pm
when tara was added to copaxone, disease activity in the brain went down. >> whether or not the combination was better than copaxil, we don't know. >> and that of course is what they are trying to figure out. let's talk about numbers. 10,000 new cases of ms diagnosed each year and the sooner the treatment starts the better. if the diagnosis is murky, this oral medication may play a big role. to find out more about this clinical trial, go to should infants and toddlers be allowed to travel on the laps of their parents while flying? that is a key question before federal safety investigations. this comes in the wake of a crash in an overloaded crash in butte last year. safety investigator tores are trying to require children under 2 to be in separate seats
5:48 pm
and restraints. remember jetblue's famous flight attendant, steven slater? now he's trying to hammer out a deal. slater was charged with trespassing. his attorney claim the passenger's lack of stability prompted his meltdown. we now know the winners of the 2010 kennedy center honors awards. topping this year's class, two names, they don't need much of an introduction. sir paul mccartny and oprah winfrey. others include meryl haggard, and jerry herman. dancer, choriographer, jones. the honors will take place december 5 and it will be broadcast right here on channel 9. >> very nice. are you ready? >> ready. >> going to be hot tomorrow, but it's not going to be humid. >> okay. >> and remember, it's
5:49 pm
september, can't stay hot for long. kind of like march. and can't stay cold for very long in march. here's your forecast first now. the next three days, looking at temperatures in the upper 80s. some areas may flirt with 90. it's not going to be humid. it will be breezy. nice on thursday. near 80 and nice on friday. upper 70s. i mean, just a strong finish to the week. now we'll break down tomorrow. 72 in the morning. could be some residual clouds with the front. it will be dry at the bus stop. and beautiful by lunchtime. 82, breezy. sunshine. and by evening, breezy and mostly sunny with temperatures in the upper 80s. again, not humid. temperatures right now, still pretty toasty, but if you have been outside, you walk around, not that bad. 93 downtown. 88 in gaithersburg, but 91 up in frederick. we are looking at 93 in leesburg. even back to the north and west, it's 91 in cumberland. for tonight, look for partly cloudy skies. could see a shower or
5:50 pm
thunderstorm after midnight and before dawn. lows mid 60s to low 70s. so you could probably shut off the ac if you are in the suburbs. temperatures in the 60s. downtown inside the beltway, around 70. kind of on the fence as to whether or not you turn the ac off. 66 out towards sterling. okay, now tomorrow morning becoming partly cloudy, breezy and warm. 60s and 70s. winds southwest. and by afternoon, a very nice day. sunny and breezy, but not humid. highs in the upper 80s. next seven days, upper 80s tomorrow. a few clouds to start. beautiful on thursday and friday. upper 70s. low 80s on saturday. the day is fine. clouds come in late and then on sunday, showers and thunderstorms on and off all day, which could affect the redskin game in the evening. temperatures around 80 and go back in the mid 80s on monday and the 70s with sunshine on tuesday. >> doesn't stay hot for long. >> no, it can't. >> i hate to bring this up,
5:51 pm
but one or two redskins fans. >> and you know who is chief among them, the coach, mike shanahan and we are hearing trade rumors, i think it would be a capital idea. i don't want to use the c word in the locker room, but he is seeming more and more like the c word and you have to excise the c word when you get it. can you imagine paying $21 million for a bottle of aspirin? perhaps not. that appears what the redskins may be eliminating the headaches. it may happen sooner than later. multiple sources reporting tonight that notwithstanding the $21 million they paid to haynesworth, the redskins are once again seeking to trade the disfrontalled -- back to his old team. the tennessee titans. apparently the titans would welcome haynesworth back, but according to reports today. the redskins are asking for two draft picks in exchange and tennessee feels that's too steep of a price. all this while the redskins are preparing for their season
5:52 pm
opener. just the distraction they didn't need. >> what about haynesworth? haynesworth is good. he's here, so i'm tired of that, man, that haynesworth is done with. part of this team. >> whatever they have going, they can go out there with us. if not, you know, like i said, we are going to go on. >> listening to all this stuff on tv, he'll be fine. he will be okay. what is done is done. everything that has been said from the past is water under the bridge. >> interesting take from inside the locker room. now one redskins player went public today with his desire that hain worth not be traded and that is donovan mcnabb. the quarterback saying the redskins quote, can't win without him, end quote. hear donovan's comments coming up at 6:00. this thing is going to reach ahead in the next 24 to 48 hours. the opener is on sunday. >> sounds like the skins are sick of hearing about him, too. >> aren't we all sick of
5:53 pm
hearing about him? either play or get out. >> all right. up next, how to protect your valuable stuff and your luggage when you're rushing through airports. >> also new at 6:00. >> a rally has led to a response. how faith lead res across the country are coming together. i'm peggy fox with now all the area schools are back in session, moms are letting up a collective cheer, but how is this school year getting started? do your children like their teacher? if not, what do they do about it? how do you help get your child off to a good start? if you have answers or need some, you can find them on !%
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[ male announcer ] today, scrubbologists reveal how the automatic shower cleaner really works. [ bubbles landing ] scrubbing bubbles combine with the water left on your shower walls. ♪ then they clean as they slide down. removes mildew stains and soap scum. cleans a dirty shower in days. then keeps it clean. scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner. we work hard so you don't have to!
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go to for money-saving coupons. [ female announcer ] sc johnson. a family company. there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that? a triple digit loss to start the short trading week on wall street. the dow dropped 107 points to close at 10,340. the nasdaq was down 24 points and the s and p lost 12. well you arrive at the airport, your bags are all packed. if you aren't careful, somebody else might take off with what
5:57 pm
is inside your bag and you might not even see it coming. as lesley foster discovered, unsuspecting travelers landed their destination with a lightened load. >> they are bold. >> the new normal can make flying a challenge. >> i take this bottle of liquid through the security check point. they get distracted and that makes them a possible target for thieves. >> thieves who canvas checked and carry on luggage, waiting to steal your possessions. >> they grab whatever they can as quickly as they can. but firefighter, tony catrel says he saw airline staff tape up his carry on, packed with a dvd player, movies, and gifts and cart it to the plane. >> and when it came out at national, it was like this. >> unsealed and empty. $500 worth of valuables stolen
5:58 pm
from his bag. >> it happens in the security check points while you're waiting to get on the plane and on the plane itself. >> reports from dulles show laptops lead the list from stolen items from january of 2009 to june of 2010. bwi marshall reported 2500 laptops were lifted. according to data from all three airports, bags, jewelry, cash, and small electronics were prized pickings for crooks, too. whether they were checked or not. >> medical devices, a fur coat, law enforcement badges, even firearms made the list of items stolen. that number represents just .003 of passengers that travel during that period. to help curb this behavior, the security chief says use tsa approved locks on all your luggage and be aware of your surroundings. leslie faster, 9news now. >> do not leave your bag out
5:59 pm
of your line of sight when you are checking in or wait too long to get your bag after you land. people had their bags taken from baggage claims as well. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. >> we want to send a clear message to the radical element of islam that it is not welcome in america. we feel it is time for america to stand up. >> a call to action just days ahead of september 11. raising eyebrows and the ire of the military. good everyoning, i'm anita brikman. leslie is off tonight. plans are taking shape across the country to remember the september 11 attacks. president barack obama will be at the pentagon on saturday. his wife and laura bush will be at the national memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. in

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